Welcome Back Our Beloved Students – 6 Must Things to do To Safeguard Against Covid-19

      BEACON ASKARI O LEVEL SCHOOL : www.facebook.com/Bassian.edu     URL:  www.bass.edu.pk Circular No: BASS- 05/21-22                                                                                                                          Date:  30th Aug, 2021 Dear...

1. It is to inform our worthy parents that the school will be reopened for physical classes I-X (with 50% strength) from Monday, 30th Aug, 2021 as per the decision of Sindh Government. Therefore, parents are requested to please ensure that your ward(s) comply with following 8 Must Things to safeguard against Covid pandemic:- a. Wearing Face mask (Mandatory). b. Maintaining Social distance (in corridors/classrooms) as per signs displayed and guided by staff. c. Bringing own home-made lunch and water bottles. d. Frequent hand wash/use of hand sanitizers. e. School timing will be from 08:05 am to 01:55 pm. However, students to report by 07:45 am onward. On Friday/Saturday classes will finish by 12:30 pm. Any student coming after 08:05 am will not be entertained and sent back to home, if found habitual. f. Attending school regularly on designated days as per respective groups such as:- (1) First Group:- Monday – Wednesday – Friday (2) Second Group:- Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday g. The kids should have an extra mask in their bags for emergency. h. The parents/drivers/guardians to also please get vaccinated for safety of your ward(s) and others.

1. As the “14th August” is approaching, so is the excitement and patriotic feelings are getting magnified. Although conduction of physical program will not be possible on 74th Independence Day but BASS will not miss to conduct a fascinating online event (09:30 am to 10:10 am). Students and parents are apprised to get ready and participate in the event very warmly to show love and affection to our beloved homeland. 2. Those students who want to participate are requested to register themselves in following categories to their respective class teacher:- a. National song. b. Speech (Urdu & English). c. Facts about Pakistan. d. Quiz related to Pakistan. e. Achievements of Pakistan. 3. Students to wear decent national dresses, carry a small sized flag and put on a Pakistan Flag badge. All students must inform their respective class teacher about their participation in advance. 4. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.