1. BASS offers its services in field of education covering from Academic Excellence to all rounded grooming of personalities of its BASSians through various proven techniques/strategies/systems.
  2. It ensures to prepare its students with higher rates of literacy and numeracy and making them physically fit with added trainings such as Taekwondo, Gymnastics and Yoga which develop students to face any challenge confidently in their future life.
  3. It has got well stocked and maintained libraries and state of art air conditioned computer labs to harmonize students with 21st Century’s technology.
  4. Its educational structure/system lies on its four educational pillars which are Character, Discipline, Competence and Service (CDCS) that its end product which are its groomed and developed students must have these qualities and skills in their lives to serve community and take over beloved country ahead.
  5. It has got its proper vision, mission statement and education philosophy which is “to bring prosperity through Quality Education”
  6. With refined vision and deep commitment towards education. BASS is serving to raise generations in light of national aspirations with deeply ingrained leadership traits/qualities to meet the challenges of 21st century effectively.
  7. It strongly believes in “Kaizen” which means “continuous change for improvement” and it takes in suggestions/feedback of its properly established “Quality Management Committees” which are to observe its surroundings critically and suggest new means and measures for further improvement to provide best possible conducive learning environment for its students to match its vision.
  8. It has got a long list of its distinct features which put it on a high pedestal to be promptly chosen for strong future building of your wards.