Procedures & Policies

Admission at BASS is granted only on availability of seat in desired class and purely on merit basis. Those who are interested to get their wards admitted in any of the campuses of BASS need to contact “Reception Office” of respective campus where on availability of seats and at opening of admission, a detailed and comprehensive information is provided by receptionist.
Steps of Admission
Admission Test
Admission Policy or details
  1. Admission is allowed to both girls and boys in all classes from Playgroup to class VIII, OL I to OL VIII on the basis of their written test, academic record and interviews.
  2. Registration is done every year in the month of January and registration form, admission test syllabi and date for admission test are given by receptionist.
  3. No formal announcement is made for filling up casual vacancies and these are offered on “first come first served basis”, provided the applicants come upto the school standards.
  4. Parents should be clear about seats availability. If there will be seat available then registration should be done otherwise name will be written on waiting list for future consideration.
  5. Parents may get complete information about admission i.e fee structure, education system, commencement of classes, school academic result from reception.
  6. 04 subjects test will be taken including Eng, Maths, Science & Urdu concepts of previously studied class and minimum criteria will be 70% in each subject to qualify for admission. Retest chance can be given to the willing students only who secured 55% – 60% in admission test.
    Note: Class VIII onwards other subjects are also tested to grant admission to the candidates.
  7. All entry tests to commensurate either with the age group or the requisite academic standard of the class, in which admission is sought.
  8. Admission test will be conducted under supervision of admission committee and result will be communicated on telephone maximum within 02 days.
  9. School Admission committee will be the sole authority to grant admission under the rules and regulations.
  10. On passing entry test, child will be called along with parents to be interviewed by HMs and Principal.
  11. After interview, HM will get “Home School Agreement” signed and issue admission form to parents, who will submit same at reception with photocopies of documents as mentioned in admission form.
  12. Breach of “Home School Agreement” in any case may lead to termination of admission of the student at any stage.
  13. Principal will meet the parents before signing the admission form and explain them complete education system being followed at BASS.
  14. Parents will collect the fee voucher from accounts section, deposit their child’s fee in Bank Al Habib Model Colony Branch and show the paid fee voucher at reception.
  15. Parents will get information about date of joining, school uniform, transports, course books/notebooks, school policy and etc. from reception.
  16. In case of any additional information parents may get an appointment through receptionist to see respective HM(s).



S.No Class Age Limit
1. Play Group 3 years – 3 years + 6 months
2. Nursery 3 years + 6 months – 4 years + 6 months
3. Prep 4 years + 6 months  – 5 years+ 6 months
4. I / OL I 6 years – 6 years+ 6 months
5. II / OL II 7 years – 7 years+ 6 months
6. III / OL III 8 years – 8 years+ 6 months
7. IV / OL IV 9 years – 9 years+ 6 months
8. V / OL V 10 years – 10 years+ 6 months
9. VI / OL VI 11 years – 11 years+ 6 months
10. VII / OL VII 12 years – 12 years+ 6 months
11. VIII / OL VIII 13 years – 13 years+ 6 months
12. Snr OL I 14 years – 14 years+ 6 months