Matric Stream


Beacon Askari Secondary School (Main Campus) was established in 2004 as a complete institution that provides education on the model that presents a beautiful blend of academic grooming, high moral standards, and core values in consonance with our religion and cultural norms. Beacon Askari Secondary School is affiliated with the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) and has a highly qualified, unmatched, and experienced teaching faculty. Since its establishment, BASS has come a long way in successfully maintaining its good morale and results and now produces only A1 and A grades in Annual Examinations held by the Board of Secondary Education.

Over the years, our Main Campus has produced phenomenal results in Board Examinations as well as in Extra-Curricular activities. Such achievements have led to maintaining an outstanding reputation as an institute. BASS offers many co-curricular activities to its students throughout the year and participates in many inter-school competitions such as debates, speeches, sports, and exhibitions. Our Director, Brig. (R) Dilshad Hussain Malik was also awarded an “Academic Excellence Award” by the Minister of Education for an outstanding result in the SSC-II Annual Examination produced by the students of Main Campus in 2017.
Main Campus has excelled with flying colors in International Competitions like International Kangaroo Linguistics Contest (IKLC), receiving a good number of medals every year. BASS was among the Top 14 schools of Pakistan as per the result of IKLC in 2018 and also has had students securing above 90% marks in SSC Examination almost every year who are being awarded Real Gold Medals in Annual Prize Distributions Ceremonies such as Mahrukh Junaid achieving 92% in 2017.

Subjects Offered:

Science Group (only)
Science group is further divided into two groups.

  1. Biology Group
  2. Computer Group

Examination System

BASS has got a well-deliberated and thought examination system to evaluate the academic progression of its students throughout the academic session. After 6 weeks of study plan, an assessment is taken known as 1st Continuous Assessments (CA) for the students of classes I–X. In the next stage, after coverage of 13 weeks studies, Terminal Exam are held and a formal “Report Card” is handed over to parents on PTM as a result comprising the weightage of First Term 75% and of 1st C.A 25% thus totaling 100 marks.

Then in the final term, again after the coverage of 6 weeks’ studies 2nd CA is held and after coverage of 13 weeks’ studies Final Term Exam are conducted, the result of which comprises the weightage of 60% from Final Term papers subject wise, 15% of 2nd C.A and 25% of First Term academic result so it encompasses both formative and summative aspects of assessment and reflects an accumulative picture of academic progression to be considered for the promotion to the next class and qualifying for the award of star achievers.

For Senior board classes (IX-X) same examination criteria is followed for 1st CA, Mid Term and 2nd CA, but Preliminary Examination I and II are held instead of Final Examination before Board Examination conducted by BSEK.

Special Features:

  • Experienced & Competent staff.
  • Use of Pedagogical Material /Teaching Aids.
  • Air-Conditioned Computer Lab.
  • Well-stocked library with books and videos.
  • Trained staff for Physical Education.
  • Gymnastic Class/Taekwondo Classes.
  • Public Speaking period to work on communication skills.
  • Special Religious lecture/talk by a renowned Mufti for moral development on Fridays.
  • Maintained science labs
  • CCTV monitoring 24/7 for safety and security.