Director’s Message

Brigadier (R) Dilshad Hussain Malik

It is indeed a matter of immense satisfaction that BASS has been able to achieve great milestones in its 15 years of existence. In 2004, when we established BASS, I had a dream that we would provide a solid platform to our youth to become future leaders to serve our homeland. Now we feel proud to share that many of our students have built their shining futures by getting admission in renowned colleges with the help of those outstanding results they produced at BASS and a number of our brilliant students are doing wonders in different fields of life. Many of our students, having joined practical life, are proving to be highly responsible, competent and educated citizens of Pakistan and proving their mettle everywhere. They make us proud and give us motivation to groom their successors even better.

Father of our nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “Without Education, there is no light. If you want to proceed to daylight from darkness, you must attend education.” We wish and endeavour to contribute to the Quaid’s dream of an educated Pakistan and our teachers are highly committed, competent and geared up to this noble cause. We strive to keep providing the top-notch faculty and conducive learning environments. Our faculty is focused on grooming our students into practising Muslims, patriotic Pakistanis and useful members of society.

Aristotle said, “The educated differs from the uneducated as much as living from the dead.” BASS management aims at personality development of each child and inculcates all those qualities, skills and confidence which make him/her unique. We believe in Excellence in everything and give international understanding of 21st century challenges so that our BASSians could compete anywhere in the world amicably. Alongside, we draw strength from our Islamic heritage and practise/promote Islamic values and teachings in their everyday life.

Pakistan is gifted with very precious minerals and metals. Our students are groomed to have deep awareness about latest technological advancement and one day they should be able to make use of all the natural resources available in Pakistan and play active part in making Pakistan a developed and a great country. As it’s the era of technology so I feel accomplished to give my education vision to the community through my message given above.

I fully go with the saying of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” May Allah Almighty give us requisite wisdom, strength, courage, will power and determination to do full justice with the mandate we owe to our sweet students, worthy society and our beloved country, Pakistan, as a whole. Ameen