Rules and Regulations

  1. No student will be admitted unless he or she produces an original School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from the previous school.
  2. No leaving certificate will be issued without the clearance certificate from the respective Section and all dues paid.
  3. Punctuality and regular attendance are insisted upon. Leave is to be granted when deemed absolutely unavoidable. No leave will be given unless written application duly signed by the parents/guardian is sent to the Principal in advance. 90% attendance is mandatory for appearing in the final examination (Including Board Exam) for all classes. Parents must consult the Principal before applying for leave.
  4. Student remaining absent from the School for consecutive 20 days without intimation to the School authorities, is liable to be removed from the School roll without any notice.
  5. The Student may be re-admitted on the payment of re-admission fee and an undertaking from him/her for not to be irregular in future provided he/she contacts the School authorities within a month.
  6. Strict rules are enforced for irregular student, it indeed causes a great set back in their studies. If any student is absent without any prior information or any reason he/she will have to pay a fine of minimum Rs. 50/- per day which can be increased if so deemed necessary.
  7. Children suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the School till he/she is fully recovered. A certificate of fitness duly signed by a qualified doctor must be submitted before joining the School.
  8. Students not coming to School in proper uniform or untidy appearance are liable to be sent back home. Late comers and improperly dressed students will not be allowed to enter School premises.
  9. Students are expected to look after their own belongings and school environment. Any damage done by the students to the School property will be repaired / paid by the parents.
  10. Parent-teacher cooperation is basic requirement to ensure good academic progress and all round development of the student’s personality. Parents are expected to make sure that their children attend the School very regularly and complete the given home assignment.
  11. It is mandatory for all the parents to attend the Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM). Students not making satisfactory progress in studies within the given time duration are liable to be removed from the School roll.
  12. Visiting hours for Principal’s office : Monday & Wednesday : 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon Visiting hours for Director’s office : Tuesday : 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (O Level Campus) Thursday : 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (Main Campus).
  13. Regular School timings are from 0745 hrs – 0200 hrs but on Friday, its from 0745 hrs – 1230 hrs. No student is allowed to leave the School permises during School hours without prior written permission from the Principal. Parents must ensure safely and timely transportation of their children to and from the School.
  14. Fee should be paid latest by the 20th of every month, if the fee is not paid of that month without any written application, name of the student is liable to be removed from the School roll without notice.
  15. To maintain high quality education and standard, fee charges can be changed/revised without giving prior notice to the Parents.
  16. Habitual idleness, lack of interest in studies, unsatisfactory academic progress, misbehaviour, irregularity in attendance and disregard of school rules and regulations can lead to dismissal from the School.
  17. The Director /Principal’s decision in all academic and disciplinary matters will be final and bindings on the students and their parents.
  18. Students are not allowed to carry mobile phone, Ipod, video games, cameras or any expensive items, if any of these items are found with any student will be confiscated.