Distinct Features

BASS Educational Pillars

Its educational structure/system lies on its four educational pillars which are Character, Discipline, Competence, and Service (CDCS) that its end product which are its groomed and developed students must have these qualities and skills in their lives to serve the community and take over the beloved country ahead.

4 Dimensions of BASSians’ Grooming

BASS Security System

All the campuses of BASS are under strict surveillance and security round the clock for the safety of its students and staff. All campuses have a team of security guards who are mostly former armed services men and fully trained to use any type of weapon and tackle any untoward situation. In all campuses at least one security guard is deputed on permanent basis for 24 hour services to stay alert and cautious even after school working hours in evening/nights. Besides, all campuses are under the coverage of CCTV cameras 24/7 at every nook and corner of building and monitor/record all activities round the clock. Furthermore all campuses are located in the vicinity of Malir Cantonment and have support of our brave armed forces to meet any exigency, who remain in contact with school management on regular basis for security purpose.


It is one of the unique features of BASS working system. BASS Parents Teacher Association (PTA) is an association of Parents, teacher and school management. In this association, one teacher, one parent and a head from each section is taken who are socially interactive and good at problem solving with strong interpersonal communication skills. The purpose to form such association at campus level is to know the issues and concerns at the parents end, and take their valuable inputs as well to solve problems that parents face regarding their wards as they are valued partner and important stake holders of their children’s well-being. PTA is aimed to evolve strategies to develop a harmonious, functional and viable relation with its worthy parents to achieve its ultimate goal of BASSians’ grooming and development as per its vision and mission. It meets very often and takes necessary measures about the matters known through parental groups.

Total Quality Management

TQM is another very strong feature in BASS working procedures. QM (Quality Manager) along with its QMCs is always researching to bring improvement in our standards by following “Kaizen” concept. QMC comprises few teachers from each section who are normally considered/known as a vigilant, observant and creative with out of box thinking capability. They are entrusted with the task to critically observe each and every thing BASS has within its boundaries and suggest new and creative techniques to improve the school environment further. QMCs take a due time and prepare its bi-monthly reports section-wise with new, unique and innovative ideas/suggestions to improve functions and standard of already existing surroundings. Its scope encompasses from academics to building up keep and students/teachers well-being alike.