With reference to our circular no. 01/21-22 dated 12th Jul, 2021. 1. It is to inform our worthy parents that the school will remain closed till Sunday, 8th Aug, 2021 as the Sindh Government has announced lock down in Karachi, Sindh from Saturday, 31st Jul, 2021 to Sunday, 8th Aug, 2021 due to fast spreading of new wave of corona virus and high admissions rate in hospitals. Similarly, old class IX Board practicals have also been postponed and fresh schedule will be intimated by BSEK soon after present lock down is over. We pray that Allah Almighty Keep us safe and protected from this deadly corona pandemic. 2. New date of school opening will be intimated to all the parents of class I to IX (New class) soon after lock down is lifted and Government of Sindh announces new instructions regarding reopening of schools.

Delay in reopening of school – Commencement of New Academic Session (2021-22).

  BEACON ASKARI O LEVEL SCHOOL   : www.facebook.com/Bassian.edu     URL:   www.bass.edu.pk Circular No.BASS-114/20-21                                                                                                          Date: 31st July, 2021 Dear...

1. It will be agreed that the session (2020-21) has been a very challenging and hectic due to frequent switching over to virtual learning and physical classes. We feel delighted to congratulate our students and parents on getting their wards promoted to the next class. We further assure our parents that we will strive even harder in session (2021-22) to achieve our set goals; Insha Allah. 2. To re-energize and rejuvenate all the stakeholders, BASS management has decided to observe a short summer break including Eid-ul-Azha holidays from 14th Jul, 2021 to 3rd Aug, 2021. Therefore, the school will reopen on 4th Aug, 2021 as per the protocols and SOPs applicable then and the students will attend school according to their respective groups. The school timings after the summer break will be 07:45 am to 02:00 pm for Mon to Thu and 07:45 am to 12:30 pm for Fri and Sat. 3. We are highly obliged and indebted to all our worthy parents and dedicated teaching faculty whose continuous cooperation and concerted efforts turned session (2020-21) to a great success inspite of serious Covid-19 pandemic virus. 4. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight that Alhamdulillah all our staff members are either partially or fully vaccinated and we encourage our parental community to get vaccinated too. 5. We extend our heartfelt and sincere Eid greetings on forthcoming Eid-ul-Azha to the whole BASS community. May Allah bring peace, prosperity and happiness in everyone’s life, Aameen.

1. It is to remind our all worthy parents that BASS Management had introduced semi-formal/semi-joggers black BATA shoes, (article as mentioned below) as a regular part of BASS school uniform and since then it has been adopted by our students and parents alike. 2. However, it is observed with deep concern that some of the parents have yet not purchased the same shoes for their wards and these students come in old black shoes or different sports shoes. This practice distorts uniformity and is considered a violation of school’s rules and regulations. 3. So all those parents who have still not purchased the above mentioned black BATA shoes for their wards, are once again reminded and requested to purchase the same from any BATA store outlet with 20% discount offered latest by 30th August, 2021. After the said date students will be duly and regularly checked by concerned staff for not wearing the right type of shoes and penalized as per BASS policy. 4. Beside, all school/sports uniforms are available at Nazeer Sons (in front of National Bank, Model Colony). Parents are encouraged to purchase uniform at affordable prices

1. It is a hard fact that Covid-19 pandemic has very adversely affected everybody starting from March, 2020 and onwards. In the course of such deadly virus, many people lost their lives /jobs/businesses and faced serious financial hardships. In such scenario, school management extended full cooperation and also provided 20% tuition fee concession from Mar-20 to Sep-20. Besides, BASS management did not increase monthly fee for complete current session (2020-21). 2. In the face of such tight budget situation and to ensure high quality education as per BASS standards, retention of experienced and competent teachers/other staff and also addressing high inflation impact, the monthly fee is revised while remaining within the approved status of fee by Education & Literacy Department Govt. of Sindh. The fee increase will be applicable w.e.f. August, 2021. The details of revised monthly fee are as follow:- 3. Hoping and praying for most bright future of your ward(s).