1. It is to apprise you that we are organizing “Urdu Handwriting Competition” to improve the basic skills of Urdu handwriting on Tuesday, 10th Jan, 2023 for classes I–VIII. We will be checking following aspects during conduction of competition:-


a ۔        طریقہ لکھائی                                           b   ۔              لفظوں  کے  درمیان مناسب  فاصلہ                 c ۔   سطر  کا  درست  استعمال

d ۔  الفاظ  کے  جوڑ  توڑ  کا  درست  استعمال                 e ۔  نقطے  اور شوشے  کا  درست  استعمال                        f     ۔   صفائی  سے تکمیل


  1. Parents are requested to give good practice to their wards and prepare them well for the subject competition. Wishing great luck to every BASSian.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management