1. It is regrettably observed that some students at very young age are allowed to ride motor bikes or drive cars by their parents. Even some parents allow them to go to school on bikes and they also send younger siblings with them without any fear which is highly dangerous for their own and others safety. In this context, BASS Management highly discourages this trend of underage driving/riding bike particularly to its students as it is a serious violation of prevailing law and may put the life of drivers/riders and passersby at serious risk at any time.


  1. As a parent, you all are very humbly requested to ensure that your ward does not use bike or car (riding or driving alone) to come to school as this connivance or negligence might end up with an irretrievable tragedy.


  1. Your cooperation in producing law abiding citizens and saving life and property of others will be highly appreciated please.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management