1. A school is a resource of education and personality grooming. Any indisciplined activity must be responded promptly. A conducive and congenial environment boosts up the study and learning behaviour. It has been well communicated to the parents/students to comply with school discipline through counselling and management to not bring Mobile phone to school. It has also been observed that mobile phones have become a serious reason of accidents/incidents and distraction from study for school going kids.


  1. As per BASS policy bringing cell phone is prohibited in school premises. In case of violating this rule, mobile phone will confiscated for 15 days and fine of 1000/- will be imposed. Mobile phone will be returned to the parents after 15 days and no request will be entertained in this regard.


  1. It will be highly appreciated that we develop our children together and keep them safe from the misuse of technology which is becoming a great menace with every day passing.


  1. Submitted for your kind information and strict compliance please.

With Kind Regards,

 (BASS Management)