1. Writing contests and art work display your inner confidence and creativity. In this context, an international writing contest is being organized by ICATS in April, 2022. The theme of subject competition is “What will the world be like in 50 years?”. Art and language teachers will further guide the participants how they can excel in the competition and fully benefit from this exposure. If you desire that your ward to participate in this contest, then your ward(s) to please deposit 600/- as contest fee with class teacher before Thursday, 24th Feb, 2022.


  1. Your willingness indeed will be highly appreciated please.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management



Please tear off this willingness slip and return to Class Teacher by Thursday, 24th Feb, 2022.




I, ____________________________ F/O,M/O ________________________ class _______ am willing/not willing to participate ICATS contest.


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