With reference to our circular no. 29/21-22 dated 1st Nov, 2021.


  1. It has already been shared with our worthy parents that Govt. of Sindh has launched a campaign of Anti Measles /Rubella Vaccination2021 for children till 15 years of age from 15th to 27th November 2021. It is also reiterated here that this vaccination is mandatory as well as free of cost so every student in this age group needs to be vaccinated as per the government of Sindh policy. Vaccination shall be administered free through injection by Department of Health, Government of Sindh – expert doctors.


  1. In the light of above if your ward has not get vaccinated for measles-rubella yet then it is mandatory to have it done in school on given date i.e. 18th & 19th Nov, 2021. Therefore, kindly fill in the given consent slip with necessary particulars and return it to respective class teacher latest by Friday, 12th Nov, 2021.


  1. Vaccination for above mentioned disease will be administrated on Thursday, 18th & Friday, 19th Nov, 2021.

With Kind Regards,