1. It will be agreed that choosing a right career path for the students at right time is of paramount importance. Parents, teachers and students (IX) to collectively take a very rational and futuristic decision regarding the subjects while conforming to his/her aptitude, passion and future planning. This decision indeed will have great bearing on both performance and futuristic educational growth of each BASSian.


  1. Beacon Askari Secondary School has got very experienced faculty to provide career counseling to the students to make a right choice. Following are the subject options offered to students when they get promoted to class IX:-


  1. Biology  b.   Computer Studies


  1. Parents to please make the right choice and return willingness slip duly signed to the class teacher by Wednesday, 3rd May, 2023. Wishing a great and bright future to your ward.


With Kind Regards,

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I, _________________________F/O, M/O ____________________________ class ______ am willing that my ward to choose ______________ subjects option for board examination of class IX for Academic Session (2023-24).


Student’s Name: ________________________   Class: ______       Parent’s Sign: ______________