Circular No. 10/23-24                                                                                                                    Date: 19th Aug, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for Pick & Drop of Students.  

  1. We feel highly honored to welcome your child on getting promoted to next class/ joining our school. We hope and pray that we meet your expectations of providing the best education/ learning environment for development of his/her all round personality.


  1. However, to ensure  timely and safe arrival and departure of your child, some basic SOP  has been laid down for your compliance which is:-
  2. Parents and van drivers will in person handover the child/children to respective class/section Directress/Assistant Teacher in the morning.
  3. At school closing time van drivers will collect their van students from the ground floor play area under the supervision of teachers and parents will collect their wards from the respective classes.
  4. Van drivers will provide names of all children being dropped and collected to Admin Officer.
  5. From safety point of view, the parents to provide 1- 2 names of their family real relation who will collect their child on their behalf if required.
  6. When changing van driver or deputing new person for pick and drop purpose, the necessary particulars of that person be communicated to class Directress/Assistant teacher immediately.
  7. In case of any query or difficulty, please contact Junior Mistress (ME) Ms. Ayesha Ishaque and Senior Mistress (ME) Mrs. Hira Asif or Admin Officer Mr. Rashid Ali.         


  1. May Allah Almighty keep us steadfast and in His special protection; Ameen.


With Kind Regards,



 Head Mistress (ME)

(Mrs. Samina Ishrat)