1. It is to inform our worthy parents that BASS always aims to secure 100% A-1 grade in board exams. At present some students of class IX & X need extra coaching to achieve desired grade. Therefore, BASS Management has organized special classes for selected students on Saturday (09:00 am – 12:40 noon) at school e.f. 14th Jan, 2023. There will be a special timetable for these students. Attendance of these extra classes will be mandatory so that these students could overcome their deficiencies and catch up with other students.


  1. In case any of the selected student fails to attend special classes, he/she will be fined (300/- per day). We strongly believe that parents will extend their full cooperation for better academic performance and bright future of their wards.


  1. Submitted for your kind information and strict compliance please.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management