1. In order to develop students as per Our Vision, BASS has its own rules and regulations to groom students to become highly civilized, competent and responsible citizens. These rules and regulations are often reminded to students and parents alike such as regularity, punctuality, neat and clean appearance, politeness and humble behavior to staff and fellow students, etc.


  1. School Discipline is the system of rules and regulations, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to maintain order in the school. Its aim is to create a safe and conducive learning environment in the classroom and within the premises of school. BASS has its four educational pillars which are Character, Discipline, Competence & Service (CDCS). The first two components i.e. Character and Discipline are specially emphasized a lot to ensure congenial/conducive learning environment and do not possibly allow anyone to violate the same.


  1. Any violation of school’s rules and regulations/discipline as given below can lead to serious consequences:-


  1. Late arrival.
  2. Absenting from school, bunking, lower attendance etc.
  3. Coming to school in improper uniform.
  4. Bringing mobiles (confiscation for min 7 days with 1000/- fine) and other prohibited items etc.
  5. Smoking in school uniform (inside or outside the school), use of vape and other tools alike.
  6. Disturbing learning environment in classroom or outside.
  7. Vandalism (damaging school property, scribbling on furniture, graffiti’s writing, throwing ink etc.)
  8. Individual/Gang fight inside or outside school.
  9. Inappropriate behavior/abusive language with students and staff etc.
  10. Immodest behavior of boy/girl (affair).
  11. Misuse of social media (making memes and passing sarcastic remarks on school events shared or on staff).


  1. In overall perspective, the school ‘Discipline’ matters will be dealt with in four steps/stages such as:-


  1. Step-1. Formal counseling and advice will be rendered by the Principal to correcting one’s behavior and conduct as per the BASS rules and regulations, customs and culture. The students to take the advice positively and sign the undertaking so given in Principal’s Counseling/Warning Register.


  1. Step-2. To be more considerate ‘Step-1’ action may be repeated with letter to parents while informing them about the misconduct/violation of their ward.


  1. Step-3. In case there is no improvement in the conduct/behavior of the child in that situation parents will be called and apprised about the failings/violation of their ward and informed in writing about the specific violations and also highlighting serious consequences like suspension, expulsion from the school.


  1. Step-4. In case parents also fail to control/improve the behavior of their ward then after taking the approval from BASS Senior Management the child will be dropped out from school roll.


  1. However, any serious violation or gross misconduct committed by any student may directly lead to 3rd or 4th step bypassing the steps of counseling and intimating parents depending upon the gravity of violation.


  1. You are therefore kindly requested to please extend your full cooperation in order to make your ward(s) comply with rules and regulations of school and making them educated and responsible citizens of our beloved country.


  1. Your cooperation will definitely contribute to develop our BASSians as disciplined and highly civilized youth of Pakistan.


With Kind Regards,

BASS Management