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Circular No. BASS-76/20-21                                                                                   Date: 16th Mar, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: – School Discipline – Absents & Late Arrivals After 08:05 a.m.

  1. Punctuality and regularity is very important at school. Both of these traits are essential personal grooming of a child. At BASS, we ensure discipline as one of the strong pillars of BASS education system. Being absent from the school without any genuine reason and application is not accepted at BASS. You are therefore, requested to ensure regular attendance of your ward for better academics.
  1. It is further reiterated that now onward school will start at 08:05 a.m. in the morning and finish by 01:55 p.m. Students must check in by minimum 07:45 a.m. as a gesture of their punctuality. Any student coming after 08:05 a.m. will not be entertained and sent back to home, if found habitual.
  1. Submitted for your kind information and strict action please.

With Kind Regards,

Principal (OL)
(Syed Junaid Ali)