Dear Parents/Guardian, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: Registration in Play Group (PG) for BASS Siblings-22 nd Jan, 2022-Session (2022-23).
1. By the Grace of Allah Almighty and kind cooperation of BASSian families, Beacon Askari School
will be completing its seventeen glorious years soon. To promote family hood and benefit to our
own BASSian families, BASS management is pleased to extend very special admission concession
package as given below to siblings who will get registered on Saturday – 22 nd Jan, 2022. No
Registration will be done later on as after registration of siblings we will be starting with
registration of non-siblings. The concession package includes:-
a. Security Deposit 100% Off
b. Admission Fee 20% Off
2. This concession is extended to siblings only (i.e. real brothers & sisters). Therefore, our
BASSian parents to take timely decision so that they do not miss admission. To ensure quality,
admissions will be confirmed on total merit, fully in line with BASS standards. Parents are
requested to bring following documents; registration will not be granted if these documents are
not available at the time of registration.
a. Copy of CNIC of father and mother.
b. Copy of birth certificate/Copy of form ‘B’ issued by NADRA.
c. Two passport size photographs.
d. Copy of latest fee voucher of siblings (brother/sister) currently studying in BASS.
3. It is further highlighted that not receiving of circular will not be taken as an excuse to miss the
announced registration dates.
Note: (The child’s age at the time of registration should be between 2 years 9 months – 3 years 3 months).
With kind regards,
Administrator (BASS)