1. To refresh the minds and physical health of our young BASSians after a long pandemic situation, BASS Management has decided to arrange a Recreational Trip with all safety measures to ‘Chunky Monkey Amusement Park’ on Saturday, 15th Oct, 2022 for the classes of I to IV. This trip would indeed be highly enjoyable and memorable for our students, as the venue is centrally air conditioned, fully loaded with state of the art facilities like variety of fun rides, arcade games, crazy bus, train and dogging cars etc. to cater for lunch, transportation, rides etc. 1300/- will be included in fee voucher of Nov, 2022.


  1. Parents to please fill up willingness slip and return to the Class Teacher till Tuesday, 11th Oct, 2022. All security/safety aspects have been given special consideration by BASS Management.


  1. Following instructions to be strictly complied with:-



  1. Students to come in neat and clean casual dress.
  2. Students to reach school premises at 07:45 am sharp and parents to please collect them at 02:00 pm.
  3. Any student failing to deposit the permission slip after given date will not be entertained later.
  4. Students to carry back packs for safe/comfortable mobility along with their water bottle.
  5. Students will be provided with lunch boxes.
  6. Parents are requested to inform school of any medical illness/allergy/health issue to be kept in mind of your ward in advance to respective class teachers.


  1. Your cooperation will highly be appreciated.

With Kind Regards,