1. BASS is always committed to keep up with its tradition of involving the young BASSians in healthy intellectual development activities. It will be agreed that creativity and good writing skills are integral parts of all round grooming of students. BASS always lays due emphasis to enhance writing skills among students and keeps providing various opportunities to inculcate the same. Indeed, effective writing is the most important component of leadership traits.


  1. In order to make this activity highly thought provoking and a great success, students are encouraged and invited to participate in the publication of Annual BASS Magazine “The Leader 2023” and submit their original creative written work to the respective incharges, as given below:-


  1. English Section


S. No. Contents Teacher’s Name

(Junior Section)

Teacher’s Name

(Senior Section)

1. Literature & Poetry Ms. Sadia Kashif Ms. Fouzia Nayyar
2. Religion Ms. Madeeha Iqbal Ms. Fouzia Nayyar
3. Science World Ms. Madeeha Iqbal Ms. Fouzia Nayyar
4. Achievements of Pakistan Ms. Madeeha Iqbal Ms. Fouzia Nayyar
5. The Legends Ms. Madeeha Iqbal Ms. Fouzia Nayyar
6. Young Writers Ms. Sadia Kashif Ms. Nadia Khan
7. Riddles & Jokes Ms. Asma Javed Ms. Nadia Khan
8. Success Stories Ms. Asma Javed Ms. Tehmina Raheel
9. Saying of Great People Ms. Asma Javed Ms. Tehmina Raheel
10. Current Affairs Ms. Sadia Kashif Ms. Tehmina Raheel


  1. Urdu Section
سینئر سیکشن جونیئر سیکشن فہرست نمبر شمار
مس شازیہ مس ثمرین عبید سر چشمہ ہدایت (اسلام) 1
مس شازیہ مس روبی توصیف کرشمات سائنس 2
مس شازیہ مس ثمرین عبید علم آگہی 3
مس شازیہ مس روبی توصیف عہد پارینہ(منفرد لوگ) 4
مس  ارم مس روبی توصیف زیب داستان  (کہانیاں) 5
مس  ارم مس روبی توصیف ننھے مصنف 6
مس  ارم مس نوشینہ سمیعہ سرمایہ  فن   (نظمیں) 7
مس طیبہ مس نوشینہ سمیعہ  لطائف اور پہیلیاں 8
مس طیبہ مس ثمرین عبید اقوال زریں 9
مس طیبہ مس نوشینہ سمیعہ حالات حاضرہ ، معلومات عامہ 10



  1. Instruction: Following instructions to be adhered please while submitting your written material:-
  2. All the articles must be submitted to the respective class teacher by 31st Oct, 2022.
  3. Students to submit latest colored passport size (blue background) (1”x1”) photograph in school uniform along with their material.
  4. Students are strictly directed to use original ideas in creative writing (articles and poetry).
  5. Only authentic source can be utilized for the science world, personalities, miscellaneous, religion section with the mention of that particular reference.
  6. For original/well written material cash prize of 2000/-, Rs. 1500/- & Rs. 1000/- along with Appreciation Certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position Holders, respectively.
  7. Students are required to submit a hard copy (printout) of their articles.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management