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Circular No. BASS-22/23-24                                                                                                       Date: 11th Sep, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – Pictorial Story Writing Competition (Urdu & English) for Classes (OL VI to Snr OL I)  Tue, 19th Sep, 2023.


  1. We are excited to announce a wonderful opportunity that will surely ignite creativity and literary prowess in our young BASSians. We are organizing a Pictorial Story Writing Competition for students from classes OL VI to Snr OL I, which will take place on Tuesday, 19th September, 2023 in their respective English and Urdu classes.
  2. It provides a unique platform for them to showcase their ability to craft engaging stories that complement visuals. This competition encourages students to merge their creative ideas with the power of words.
  3. The top three participants from each class level will receive certificates for their outstanding contributions. We encourage you to support and motivate your child to take part in this competition. It’s an opportunity for them to explore their creative abilities and gain a sense of accomplishment.
  4. We look forward to an enriching and exciting Pictorial Story Writing Competition.

With Kind Regards,

Principal (OL)

(Syed Junaid Ali