1. As we all know that polio is still present in Pakistan even after efforts of years for its complete elimination from universe. At times few Polio cases are reported to be found in different cities of Pakistan. It’s a hazardous disease and it has caused thousands of people handicapped since its eruption. Vaccination for its complete eradication from Pakistan is arranged by government of Pakistan with the help and support of Rotary International Club and UN.


  1. In this context, a symbolic walk to develop awareness among public for importance of its vaccination is being arranged on Tuesday, 25th Oct, 2022 from 8:30 to 9:30 am by APSMA with collaboration of “Rotary International Club”. Our school has been selected to participate in this symbolic demonstration as a Walk. Students of classes (VI-VIII) would be taken out of the school to participate in Walk to Tank Chowk and then back to Main Campus under complete security of Police and law enforcement agencies.


  1. You are kindly requested to please send your wards in a neat, clean school uniform with proper breakfast taken possibly with a glass of milk as it will be a physical activity. Students to carry their own water bottles during walk. In case if any student having any medical problem or allergy with sun or any medicines being taken can share the same with his/her class teacher and will be allowed to stay back in the class.


  1. Submitted for your kind information and cooperation please.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management