Circular No. 18/21-22 Date: 12 th Oct, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: “My Favourite Toy” – Friday, 22 nd October, 2021(Playgroup)
1. This is to inform our worthy parents that School management has arranged an interesting
activity for our young montessorians of playgroup i.e My Favourite Toy. This event will give them
a chance to show their favourite toys to their fellows and share brief description about it.
2. In this process students will learn sharing, socialization, get confidence and also develop
communication skills while speaking in front of class. Please ensure that the toy is labeled with the
name, class/section of your ward and avoid sending very big toys that cannot be handled by
students at their own.
3. Your cooperation and participation will add maximum beauty and fun in the activity.
Note: Kindly avoid sending; Toy knife, gun/water gun or any other toy that cause noise in the

With Kind Regards,