1. It is to inform our worthy parents that BASS Management always emphasize on achieving academic excellence by every BASSian. We have got very committed, experienced and competent faculty who is always thriving to get excellent results.


  1. Our teachers always try their best to give best knowledge and grooming to each BASSian. Keeping in view the time-factor and ease of students, our teachers have compiled “Booklets” comprising of set of practice worksheets for class VI-VIII and worksheets/notes for Board classes (IX-X) covering maximum objectives and MCQs of all subjects. These booklets will be very handy for students to consult it and get maximum marks in upcoming exams. The cost of each set of booklets has been worked out very critically and we have ensured cost effectiveness. The students would be charged as per the cost mentioned below in the fee vouchers of November, 2022.
Subject Bio Comp Bio Comp Bio Comp
Price Rs. 375/- Rs. 380/- Rs. 385/- Rs. 395/- Rs. 820/- Rs. 805/- Rs. 630/- Rs. 575/-
  1. We pray our BASSians keep excelling in their life and always strive and hold second to none position in every walk of their life.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management