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Circular No. BASS-96/20- 21                                                                                                  Date: 1st June, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – Latest O Level Exam Update 2021.

  1. With reference of our letter BASS-19/2021 dated 5th May, 2021, it is to inform our worthy parents that as per the latest updates from Cambridge International, a mini exam series is going to be held from 26th July, 2021 to 6th Aug, 2021 for the students of outgoing Snr OL III to facilitate them to pursue their career by timely taking admission either in A Level or FSc (Intermediate), in following 8 (eight) subjects:-
Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics Accounting Business Studies Economics Computer Science
  1. Please note that there would be ONLY 1 exam component per subject of multiple-choice paper where it exists, likely to be of 60 minutes. Remaining papers will be conducted in Oct/Nov exam series. Result of mini exam series would be announced in October.
  2. Those students who have worked hard, thoroughly prepared, confident and can adapt themselves fast to appear in CAIE with newly structured examination papers and have clear plan to pursue their career either in A Level or Intermediate this year may go to avail this option.
  3. However, those students who may not be comfortable with newly structured exam component and need more time to harmonise and realign themselves to be compatible with new format of examination are advised to appear in Oct/Nov exam series 2021 and do well.
  4. BASS O Level team will facilitate its students fullest as per their own choice and planning during Online/physical classes. New date sheet of mini exam series will be communicated to all interested students as soon as it is received from Cambridge International. Students to please share their choice through sending an email to BASS official email address i.e. latest by Friday, 4th June, 2021 for their convenient processing of appearing in CAIE.
  5. For your kind information and necessary action, please.

With Kind Regards,

Principal (OL)

(Syed Junaid Ali)