1. Creative thinking and writing are at the core of learning. People who think extraordinary do wonders in their lives and play a vital role in nation’s building. BASS always focuses to give every chance which promotes our BASSians’ abilities and helps to make them leaders.


  1. Recently, our school is invited to participate in an A2Z Champs Art competition and the theme for the event is “My Favorite Sports” an integral part of our social life. The competition offers Art (poster making). Participation fee for this category is 750/-.


  1. Participation fee will be added in November, 2022 fee vouchers of participant. Winners will be awarded with attractive cash prizes, medals and certificates. Following are the rules for poster making:-



  1. The poster needs to include the theme “My Favorite Sports”.
  2. Size and type of paper A4 (27” × 11.69”) and A3 (11.69”×16.54”).
  3. Pens, pencils, paints, crayons, beads etc.
  4. Don’t use thermopile and corrugated sheets.
  5. Don’t use large size paper.


  1. Parents are requested to fill the below given consent slip and return it to respective class teacher by Wednesday, 5th Oct, 2022.

With Kind Regards,