Circular No. 29/22-23 Date: 23 rd Nov, 2022
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: Importance of Physical Fitness Taekwondo Classes.
1. It is to share with our worthy parents that BASS pays due attention on physical fitness. Physical activity has
numerous health benefits, such as strong body and good sleep which ultimately improves immune system to save
from any disease and also boosts school performance. To make our BASSians physically fit and mentally strong,
BASS is going to arrange Taekwondo classes on every Friday.
2. If you want your ward(s) to participate in physical exercises (Taekwondo), you may please fill Consent slip
given below and return to Class Teacher by 25 th Nov, 2022
3. Interested students will be required to get specific uniform from Nazeer Sons which will be
mandatory to be worn to participate in physical activity.

With Kind Regards,

Head Mistress (ME)
(Mrs. Samina Ishrat)