With reference to our circular no. 13/22-23 dated 7th Sep, 2022 & 52/22-23 dated 7th Jan, 2023.

  1. It is to remind our all worthy parents that latest arrival time for students to reach school is 07:45 am. At 07:50 am morning assembly bell rings and students start coming to assembly area to attend the same which is compulsory. However in order to cater any eventuality some leverage is given in time. At 08:10 am school gates are closed. After that all students reaching are considered late comers. As per BASS policy they are to be treated as following:-


  1. They are verbally warned first time and allowed to enter the classes.
  2. They are given minor punishment in the shape of standing or running in assembly area and a cautionary sms is sent to parents for being late second time.
  3. Upon their third and fourth late arrivals, a special call is made to home and they are sent back.
  4. Those who get even late and reach to school at 08:30 am onwards must see the Principal and justify the reason of their unusual late arrival. Based on factual position, Principal will decide either let them to attend the class or send them back or suspend him/her for the next day.


  1. At BASS we give great importance to morning assembly and remains focused to develop all-round personality of each BASSians. The basic purpose of morning assembly attendance is to instill punctuality, confidence, pride, self-esteem and sense of responsibility among our students.


  1. You are humbly requested to please render your utmost cooperation and ensure their timely arrival while playing your due part in their personality grooming.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management