Circular No. 25/22-23 Date: 7 th Nov, 2022
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: Healthy & Junk Food day Monday – 14 th Nov, 2022 – Class Prep.
1. It will be appreciated that majority of serious diseases are caused by eating unhealthy food, nutritional deficiencies
and lack of physical exercise. Keeping this in view, we are organizing Healthy & Junk Food Day on Monday, 14 th
Nov, 2022. It aims to create awareness among young Montessorians about healthy diet and developing right eating
2. Besides, BASS management keeps a close eye on the physical development of our loving Montessorians; for this
purpose we even suggest few healthy diet items to the mothers which are:-
a. Egg/chicken sandwiches f. Boiled eggs
b. Seasonal fruits g. Flavored or plain yogurt
c. Nuggets/cutlets (potatoes/chicken) h. Dry fruits.
d. Fresh milk
e. Vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, boiled potatoes, cabbage, etc)
3. To organize the activity in a befitting manner, kindly send the ticked item from the above list and send it for your
child only on healthy diet day i.e Monday, 14 th Nov, 2022 to add more flavor/realism to the event.

With Kind Regards,
Head Mistress (ME)
(Mrs. Samina Ishrat)