Circular No. 46/22-23 Date:13 th March, 2023
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)
Subject: – Handwriting Competition – Monday, 20 th March, 2023 (Class Prep).
1. It is highlighted that we at Montessori Eden are always focused/conscious to develop all the basic skills of young BASSians. We
consider handwriting to be an important part of student’s personality outlook and life long skill. To improve the basic skills of
handwriting, we are organizing “English Handwriting Competition” on Monday, 20 th March, 2023 while giving due
importance to following aspects.
a. Correct Formation b. Spacing c. Neatness d. Proper use of lines e. Punctuation
2. Parents are requested to work on their wards and prepare them well for the subject competition. Wishing great luck to every

With Kind Regards,