Circular No. 10/21-22                                                                                             Date: 17th Sep, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: Fruit and Vegetable Day 24th and 25th September (Play Group-Prep).


  1. It will be agreed that now a days our youth is getting habitual of consuming/eating unhealthy/junk food very often. There is dire need to give full awareness about the importance of use of fruits and vegetables. Keeping this in view, we are organizing Fruit and Vegetable Day for Group A on Friday 24th Sep, 2021 and for Group B on Saturday 25th Sep, 2021.


  1. This event would aim to highlight the value of healthy and balanced diet and developing right eating habits from childhood. For this purpose we will even suggest that the mothers to add few fruits and vegetables in their children lunch box regularly.
Seasonal Fruits
a. Pomegranate e. Apricot
b. Guava f. Cherry
c. Peach g. Banana
d. Grapes h. Apple
Seasonal Vegetables
a. Potato e. Spinach (Palak)
b. Tomato f. Bitter gourd (Karela)
c. Lemon g. Bottle gourd (Loki)
d. Carrot h. Capsicum (Shimla Mirch)


  1. To organize the activity in a befitting manner, kindly send the ticked item from the above list for your

child only on Fruit and Vegetable day. Vegetables/fruits items not consumed would be returned back home. We expect mothers will cooperate to make this event a great success.



                                                                        With Kind Regards,