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Circular No.BASS-10/23-24                                                                                                                                         Date: 19th Aug, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject:- Fostering Academic Excellence, 100% Attendance, and Discipline To Achieve Great

Success in One’s Life

  1. It has been observed with great concern that some of the students take education very light and they do not follow instructions in true letter and spirit and ultimately, do not excel academically or otherwise. Whereas, those students who comply with the school policies and are regularly attending school do marvelously well and bring great laurels to school and their families. It must be remembered that Education teaches discipline and discipline leads you to lofty successes. Indeed, it is the positive attitude and thorough professional approach followed by both school staff and parents can take our students to any heights and we can take pride to giving the brightest and secure future to our loving BASSians. In this backdrop, BASS has highlighted three vital areas in succeeding paras where if we synergise and play positive role then our students can be role model and would act as beacon for others. We would expect that our worthy parents will take these policies seriously and cooperate with school for excellent future of their ward(s).
  2. Academic Excellence:

At Beacon Askari O-Level School, we are committed to providing our students with an exceptional education that nurtures their intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong love for learning. Our dedicated faculty members, innovative teaching methods, and well-rounded curriculum are designed to empower students to achieve academic excellence through accomplishing set objectives. Academic Excellence revolves around attending school regularly and doing homework (HW) and revision daily. It will be agreed that doing homework is pure responsibility of students and parents. We expect from parents that they will play active role in ensuring that their ward does HW and accomplishes set objectives at all cost. To provide full support to “Need Based students (NBS)” the school runs special extra classes which MUST be attended by those students who need extra coaching/guidance.

  1. 100% Attendance:

Regular attendance is a fundamental component of a successful educational journey. Consistent attendance ensures that students do not miss out any valuable lesson, discussions, and collaborative activities that contribute to their holistic growth. Missing even one day teaching causes a great loss for students to move with the class. Teaching is a continuous process and you learn new things everyday which has great bearing on next day learning/concepts. By missing school you start lacking behind and a stage comes when you can’t follow teaching due to lack of continuity and understanding of new concepts/knowledge so imparted. Moreover, absenting from school reflects poor self-discipline and sense of responsibility which we do not want to see in our BASSians. To bring more discipline, pride, sense of responsibility, excellent academic performance, confidence, self-esteem, bright future; BASS as policy has decided to imposing heavy fines and even expelling the student in case his attendance falls below 80%. This aspect may please be noted by parents to ensure that your ward never misses school without any solid and cogent reasoning.

  1. Discipline:

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” (Jim Rohn)

No success is ever possible without bringing discipline in oneself and society as whole. Discipline is how you manage your “Daily Do List (DDL)”. For a student DDL is to get up on time in the morning, attend school regularly, take notes at school and complete home work without fail. Attend sports in the evening, watch TV for some time, again go for study/revision, review the topics being taught next day and go to bed and complete proper sleep. He must not suffer from PROCRASTINATION disease and defer today’s work to SOME OTHER DAY. Proper time management be top quality of each BASSian. Besides, all those BASSians who strictly follow “Home Study Time Table” are doing commendably well to the entire satisfaction of school. We expect that parents will work hand in glove with school and provide full support to their ward(s) for excellent all round performance fully in line with BASS Education Vision.

  1. BASS always believes in achieving excellence. Over the years, BASS SOPs and learning strategies have got matured/ tested. All those parents who cooperate and set clear Life Aim for their ward(s), their children are excelling not only at country level but are proving their mettle at international level. We feel highly delighted that our bright BASSians have 100% proved our Education Philosophy i.e. “To bring Prosperity through Quality Education”. All families of our graduated students’ are reaping the fruit of their hard work, and their ward(s) are proving second to none. We expect same kind of cooperation and support from our worthy parents so that we together provide the most “Bright and Secure Future to Our Beloved BASSians”; Insh Allah.

With Kind Regards,

Director (BASS)
(Dilshad Hussain Malik)