Circular No: BASS-97/20-21                                                                                 Date: 3rd Mar, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)


Subject: – Excellent Performance of BASSians in ICATS Contest -2022 – Congratulations.


  1. It is to remind our all worthy parents that BASS’s mission is to develop BASSians to be the Leaders of Tomorrow which insinuates that they should have all necessary skills/traits of Leadership including strong communication and interpersonal skills. In order to compete in this ever increasingly challenging world, proficiency/competency in English language is must.
  2.  Our beloved BASSians participated in a National Academic Event which is aimed at assessing linguistic skills known as ICATS (International Competence & Aptitude Testing Services) in January, 2022. A large number of schools and colleges participated in this event all across Pakistan including many renowned/reputed and brand names with multiple campuses and branches in different cities.
  3.  By the grace of Allah Almighty our BASSians have made a remarkable achievement by winning excellent number (52) of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in the contest and they have brought laurels to their families and school with full support of their teachers and parents. The details are as follow:-
S. # Student Class Achievements
a. S. Dua Mustafa OL I National Topper                            (Tablet, Gold Medals, Certificate of Distinction, Certificate of Participation)
b. Shan e Zehra OL IV
c. M. Ahmed OL I Provincial/Regional Topper (Health Band, Silver Medals, Certificate of Distinction, Certificate of Participation)


d. Fareeha Naz
e. Qazi Usiad
f. Zaroon Haroon
g. Mukarram Muhammad Khan
h. Araaf Kashif
i. Abeera Najam
j. Ayan Zaheer OL II
k. Umm e Hania
l. Bareera Asif
m. Mustafa Rizvi OL III
n. Umaima Khan
o. Zainab Adil
p. Hafsha Baih
q. Tayyaba Khursheed OL IV
r. Abeera Iftikhar
s. Awais Ahmed
t. Muhammad Haseeb OL VI
u. M. Naqi OL VII
v. M. Ashhad Snr OL I
w. Muntaha Siddiqui OL I School Topper                         (Bronze Medals, ICATS Drawstring, Certificate of Distinction,)


x. Aamina Haneef
y. Zaydan Raheel
z. Muhammad Hadi
aa. Zainab Saqib
bb. Zainab Shahid OL II
cc. Affan Ahmed
dd. Bisma Nadeem
ee. Fatima Jilani OL III
ff. Aizah Adil Kama OL IV
gg. Ishaal Fatima
hh. Abdul Raffay
ii. Mahad Shahid OL V
jj. Alishba Ahmed
kk. Ifrah Wajid OL VI
ll. Muhammad Aqdas Shahid


S. # Student Class Achievements
mm. Shumail Roy OL VII


School Topper                         (Bronze Medals, ICATS Drawstring, Certificate of Distinction,)


nn. Aamna Munawar
oo. Abdul Hadi
pp. Aahil
qq. Wousqa Fatima
rr. Rudha Tauseef
ss. Ayesha Khurram
tt. Ayyan Ubedullah
uu. Saniya Rehman
vv. Zaid Ahmed
ww. Uroosa Khan
xx. Attia Tul Mateen OL VIII
yy. Rumesa Malik Snr OL I
zz. Dur e Shahtaj Snr OL III
  1. BASS management and teachers extend their Heartiest Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners of National Toppers, Provincial/Regional Toppers & School Toppers with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Indeed, the credit of this great achievement is dedicated to students, teachers and parents who rendered their utmost cooperation as and when so required.
  2. Submitted for your information, please.


With Kind Regards,

 Principal (OL)

(Syed Junaid Ali)