Circular No.BASS-123/21-22 Date: 21st May 2022
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – Excellent Achievement in International Kangaroo Mathematics
Contest (IKMC – 2022) – Congratulations.

1. It is to inform our all worthy parents that BASS has been providing an International Academic Event’s platform every year which is aimed to promote mathematical thinking and encourage interest in Maths by providing students with an opportunity to broaden their minds and compare their abilities with contemporary students within Pakistan and across the globe.

2. By the grace of Allah Almighty our BASSians have made an excellent achievement by winning good number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in the contest and they have brought laurels to their families and school with full support of their teachers and parents. The details of star achievers are :-

S. No Names of Students Classes

First at Pakistan Level – Gold Medals with Fitness Smart Watch
a. Abdul Ahad s/o Mr. Talat Mehmood OL IV
b. Abdul Rafay Memon s/o Mr. Akbar Ali OL IV
First at District Level – Silver Medals with Kangaroo Logo Bottle
a. M. Abdullah s/o Mr. Danish Zafar OL II
b. S.M Hussain s/o Syed Gul Ali OL II
c. Unsa Khan d/o Mr. Rehan OL II
d. M. Haseeb s/o Mr. Aftab Ahmed OL VI
First at Institute Level – Bronze Medals with 3 in 1 USB Data cable
a. Ariz Hussain s/o Syed Faisal Hussain OL I
b. Ali Abbas s/o Mr. M. Haris OL I
c. Muntaha Siddiqui s/o Mr. M. Shamim Anwar OL I
d. Khadija Shaheen s/o Mr. Mehboob Akram OL I
e. Syeda Dua Mustafa d/o S.M Faisal Mustafa OL I
f. M. Rafay s/o M. Zaim OL III
g. Syed M. Jawwad s/o S. Kashif Abbas OL V
h. Rayyan Ubedullah s/o M. Ubedullah OL VIII
i. M. Rohaan Umair s/o Mr. Umair Sagheer Snr OL II
j. Jaweria Amer d/o Mr. Amer Naseer Chaudhry Snr OL III
k. Maham Azeem s/o M. Azeem Khaksar Snr OL III
3. We also share with pride that our school Beacon Askari O Level School stands 5th amongst top 13 chosen schools at National level all over Pakistan & Principal O Level Campus has qualified for “Outstanding Leadership Award” & SM (SOL) for “Sapphire Award” from IKMC with the efforts of BASSians and hardworking teaching faculty.

4. BASS management and teachers extend their Heartiest Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals who secured 1st positions at Country, District and Institute level. An acknowledgment ceremony would be held for medal winners once the consignment is received from “Association Kangourou sans Frontiers and Innovative Learning”. Indeed, the credit of this great achievement is dedicated to students, teachers and parents who rendered their utmost cooperation even during corona pandemic environment.

5. Submitted for your kind information, please.

With Kind Regards,

Principal (OL)
(Syed Junaid Ali)