1. It is to remind our worthy parents that our beloved BASSians participated in an International Academic Event known as IKLC (International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest) which is aimed at assessing linguistic skills in November, 2022. Hundreds of schools and colleges participated in this event all across Pakistan including many renowned/reputed and brand names with multiple campuses and branches in different cities.


  1. By the grace of Almighty Allah our BASSians have made a remarkable achievement by winning good number of Gold and Bronze Medals and many more 1, 2, 3 stars badges in the contest and they have brought grand laurels to their families and school with full support of their teachers and parents. The details are :-



S. No Names of Students Classes
Gold Medals with USB Ball Point (First at Country Level)
a. Hijab Fatima D/O Asif Iqbal Niazi II
b. Arham Hamid S/O Hamid Shahid II
c. Abeera Adil D/O Kashif Adil II
d. Kiswah D/O Sheraz Nawaz II
e. Mantasha Zehra D/O Syed Taqi Hassan II
f. Sillah Fatima D/O Raja Waseem II
g. Darain Aamir D/O Aamir Rasheed IV
h. Faiqa Sami D/O Muhammad Sami Khan IV
j. Hania Abdul Samad D/O Abdul Samad IV
k. Musfirah Sheikh D/O Zeeshan Sheikh IV
l. Nabiha Fahim D/O Muhammad Fahim Akhtar IV
m. Zainab Fayyaz D/O Fayyaz Ahmed IV
Bronze Medals with Wireless Mouse (First at Institute Level)
a. Ayesha Wasi D/O Wasi Udin I
b. Syed Hamayel Zehra D/O Wilayat Ali I
c. Qirat Ahmed D/O Bilal Ahmed I
d. Shaheer Ahmed S/O Faheem Ahmed I
e. Muqaddas Siddique D/O Hafiz Kashif I
f. Azaan Khan S/O Ilyas Hussain III
g. Faiza Ali D/O Ali Meer Mallah III
h. Parihaan Khan S/O Rafiullah Khan III
j. Syeda Faaria Haroon D/O Syed Muhammad Haroon III
k. Hooriya Shabbir D/O Muhammad Shabbir Khan V
l. Muhammad Abdullah Musvi S/O Syed Jaffer Raza V
m. Shehzadi Khadeejah D/O Saif ur Rehman V
n. Eshal Adnan D/O Adnan Ali Khan VI
o. Hajra Asad D/O Zia ur Rehman VI
p. Ramin Jamshed D/O Adeel Ahmed VI
q. Khadija Tul Kubra D/O Muhammad Sohaib Khan VII
r. Musfirah Farhan D/O Muhammad Farhan VII
s. Syeda Sania Hassan D/O Syed Taqi Hassan VII
t. Aaiza Rashid D/O Muhammad Rashid VIII
u. Arooba Kashif D/O Muhammad Kashif VIII
v. Fatima Ahmed D/O Ameen Ahmed VIII
w. Yusra Sheikh D/O Zeeshan Ahmed VIII
x. Imshal Rao D/O Shahid Mehmood IX
y. Aeman Habib D/O Habib-ur-Rehman X
z. Muhammad Ayan S/O Qamar Altaf X
aa. Nimrah Shehzad D/O Shahzad Ahmed Qureshi X
  1. BASS management and teachers extend their Heartiest Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners of Gold and Bronze Medals who secured 1st positions at Country level and Institute level. Indeed, the credit of this great achievement is dedicated to teachers, students and parents who rendered their utmost cooperation when and wherever so required.


  1. Submitted for your information please.

With Kind Regards,

BASS Management