Circular No.BASS-59/22-23                                                                                                                Date: 30th Jan, 2023
Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject:-Excellent Achievement in International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC – 2022) – Congratulations.

1. It is to remind our all worthy parents that our beloved BASSians participated in an International Academic Event which is aimed at assessing linguistic skills known as IKLC (International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest) in November, 2022. Hundreds of schools and colleges participated in this event all across Pakistan including many renowned/reputed and brand names with multiple campuses and branches in different cities.

2. By the grace of Allah Almighty our BASSians have made a remarkable achievement by winning good number of Gold and Bronze Medals and many more 1, 2, 3 stars badges in the contest and they have brought grand laurels to their families and school with full support of their teachers and parents. The details are :-

S. No Names of Students Classes
Gold Medals with USB Ball Point (First at Country Level)
a. Amna Khan d/o Sana Ullah Khan OL I
b. Anzish Mushtaq d/o Mushtaque Ahmed OL I
c. Fatima Chishti d/o Hammaad Ahmed Chishti OL I
d. Hoor-E-Ain d/o Muhammad Junaid Ul Haq OL I
e. Umm-E-Abiha d/o Khalid Raza Khan OL I
f. Abdul Qadir s/o Shaban Ali OL II
g. Abeera Najam d/o Najam Uddin OL II
h. Syeda Dua Mustafa d/o Syed Faisal Mustafa OL II
j. Muhammad Abdullah Zauraiz s/o Danish Zafar OL III
k. Muhammad Hassan s/o Muhammad Rizwan OL III
l. Umm-E-Hania d/o Muhammad Yousuf OL III
m. Arfa Noor d/o Muhammad Iftikhar Alam Khan OL IV
n. Falah Farrukh d/o Muhammad Farrukh Faheem OL IV
o. Hooriya Khan d/o M. Rizwan OL IV
p. Inayah Rehman d/o M. Imran Ur Rehman OL IV
q. Zainab Adil Kamal d/o Adil Kamal OL IV
Bronze Medals with Wireless Mouse (First at Institute Level)
a. Arhama Ahmed d/o Adeel Ahmed Siddiqui OL V
b. Azlaan Shahzad s/o Shahzad Ahmed OL V
c. Ishaal Fatima d/o Muzaffer Hassan Kirmani OL V
d. Muhammad Zawiyar Khan s/o Muhammad Salman Khan OL V
e. Tayyaba Khursheed d/o Khurshid Jamal OL V
f. Areeba Gul d/o M. Asadullah Khan OL VI
g. Khadija Ilyas d/o M. Ilyas Siddiq OL VI
h. Maryam Khan d/o Naseem Khan OL VI
j. S. M. Jawwad Haider s/o S. Kashif Abbas Rizvi OL VI
k. Soha Talha Siddiqui d/o Talha Muhammad Arif OL VI
l. Zunairah d/o Waqar Ahmed Abbasi OL VI
m. Ayra Faisal d/o Faisal Hafeez OL VII
n. Muhammad Bilal Malik s/o Malik Muhammad Ejaz OL VII
o. Muhammad Elaaf Bajwa s/o Muhammad Waqas Bajwa OL VII
p. Romaysa Ali d/o Faheem Ali OL VII
q. Aasma Aleem d/o Aleem Ahmed OL VIII
r. Minal Fatima d/o Talat Mehmood OL VIII
s. Muhammad Shah Faisal s/o Muhammad Sarwar OL VIII
t. Yumna Ghayas d/o Syed Ghayas OL VIII
u. Zainab Malik d/o Ghazenfar Ali Malik OL VIII
v. Dur-Re-Sahar d/o Rana Sibtain Arif Snr OL I
w. Maryam Ather Farooq d/o Ather Farooq Snr OL I
x. Rumesa Malik d/o Irfan Malik Snr OL II
y. Riva Fatima d/o Inayatullah Khan Snr OL III

3. BASS management and teachers extend their Heartiest Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners of Gold and Bronze Medals who secured 1st positions at Country and Institute level. Indeed, the credit of this great achievement is dedicated to students, teachers and parents who rendered their utmost cooperation when and wherever so required.

4. Submitted for your information, please.

With Kind Regards,

Principal (OL)
(Syed Junaid Ali)