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Circular No. BASS-19/22-23                                                                                              Date: 14th Sep, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – COVID-19 Vaccination of Students 5-11 Years (Classes OL I – VI) – Parental Consent –  Wed, 21 & Thu 22nSep, 2022.
  1. Reference to Govt. notification no SELD/CA/CW/476/2021 dated 30-8-22, it is to inform our worthy parents that Government of Sindh has announced and notified for the vaccination of COVID-19 (Pfizer)for students who have reached the age of 5-11 years by 22nd Sep, 2022.
  2.  As per the notification issued this vaccination is necessary for students of above mentioned age group to safeguard their health and to ensure more safety against of COVID pandemic. However, parental consent is to be sought before its formal procedure/administration of vaccination.
  3. Kindly fill in the given consent slip with necessary particulars and return it to respective class teacher latest by Friday, 16th Sep, 2022. The special teams of medical experts formed by DHO will visit the school to vaccinate our students. The govt. team has set 2 days Wed, 21st & Thu 22nd Sep, 2022 for vaccination (Pfizer) in our campus to safeguard children against this fatal pandemic.
  4.  It is also requested to please send a copy of B-form and Father’s CNIC (valid till Oct 2022) that is MUST otherwise, the doctors team would be unable to administer the Covid vaccination to any student (s) who is/are without these two necessary documents. Please do share with concerned Class teacher if your ward is having any other medical issue etc. for any reason.
  5.  Submitted for your cooperation and necessary action please.


 With Kind Regards,

 Principal (OL)

(Syed Junaid Ali)