1. Effective learning does not always take place exclusively in the classroom. At BASS we aim to broaden learning horizons so that students can connect the outside world to their work in school. For this purpose we are excited to announce the start of club activities this year. These clubs would definitely provide enriched oral and written activities i.e. performance, talent show, debates, dramas, naat & singing competitions, poetry/prose, creative writing, story writing, painting, or similar work and with such activities students can develop social skills like making new friends, and leading a group to transform them into the future leaders.


  1. These club activities will be organized in the last periods/units on last Friday (JS) and Thursday (SS) of each month. We encourage all students to participate in any one club to make the most of their school experience. These clubs include:-


a. Urdu Literature Club b.  English Literature Club c.   Science Club d.   Islamic Club e.   Drama Club
f. Home Economics Club g.  Life Skill Learning Club h.   Music Club i.   Art Club   j.   Entrepreneur Club


  1. Each student to make two choices on preferential basis with consultation of parents but eventually all students will be allocated only one club on “First come, First serve” basis. For this kindly fill the acknowledgement slip given below and return it to respective class teachers by Thursday, 16th Feb, 2023.


  1. As parents you are an important part of BASS Success trio i.e. student-teacher-parents and we hope your child will participate actively in these club activities being organized in school.

With Kind Regards,

 Bass Management


Acknowledgement Slip


Students’ Name            : _________________________________                                              Class         : _______________

                        1st choice: ___________________                               2nd choice: ____________________

I, hereby endorse the above following two clubs according to preferable choices of my child for his/her skill development.

Name of parent: _______________________________                        Parent/Guardian’s sign: ____________________