Circular No. 09/23-24                                                                                                                  Date: 19th Aug, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – BASS Policy /Rules & Regulations.

  1. It will be agreed that students’ success depend upon both in the hard work of students and support of parents. Parents are the first teacher of their wards and play pivotal role in upbringing of their child. Here are some of key points to be kept in mind while experiencing teaching the students for better key results. Few of the guidelines required to be complied with are appended as under:-
  2. Academic objectives: In the beginning of each academic session, we set clear objectives/targets for students and staff (For Nur and Prep Class) and put in our best efforts to accomplish the same. Parents to also encourage and help their wards to achieve the desired bench mark at all cost.


  1. Punctuality and Regularity: Parents to ensure that your child is not late in morning. School gates will be closed at 08:45a.m. for all the students. Please do not force or argue with the guards to open the gate. Minimum 90% attendance is the benchmark for all the students and incase of any unavoidable absence, written application duly signed by parents be submitted same day or maximum by the next day.



  1. Uniform, nails/haircut: Send your child in neat and clean summer/winter uniform with properly polished shoes (For Nur and Prep). Nails to be trimmed properly at least once in a week. The child’s personal appearance should meet all aspects of a decent and confident child. Boys should have proper haircut and girls are required to tie their hair properly. Colorful clips, hair bands and jewelry are not allowed for girls.



  1. Parent – Teacher Meetings (PTM): All arranged PTMs are mandatory to be attended by parents to know the exact academic progress of their wards and to share their observations with teachers about grooming and personality development of their child. Struggling learners parents may be called for additional PTMs arranged for their wards. Students to come with parents in proper uniform.





  1. English Spoken Culture: Parents are requested to encourage their ward (s) to speak in English both at school and home. All students need to try to converse with their teachers and fellows in English all the time. Parents and teachers to work together to improve their confidence level and English communication skills.



  1. Assessment and Examination Policy: We are always committed to provide the best academic guidance to our students as being their educational parents. We are always reviewing our own system and are very critical about each aspect of our working. We have reviewed our Examination System for our Playgroup and Nursery Classes and intend to reduce the extra/pressure burden of formal Exams/Assessments on our young BASSians. Examination Policy details are:-
Classes Examination System
Playgroup No Exam
Nursery Terms Examinations only
Prep Continuous Assessments and Terms Examinations







  1. Award Policy: Students of Nursery and Prep Classes will be awarded with medals/shields based on excellent performance of the whole year i.e those who secure all A* in all subjects throughout the academic year.It is highlighted that NO re-exam will be conducted, in case a child misses any test/exam due to any serious illness/valid reason. He/she will be promoted to the next class based on overall performance of the year.


  1. Parents’ Visiting School: Parents to visit school in given time. It is advisable in their own interest to seek appointment from receptionist earlier on the days already reserved for meeting parents. For any concern, parents to please contact Reception Office and not to enter the building of campus directly specially during school hours. The timings for meeting with HM and SM are:-


  • SM meeting Time. Monday to Friday between 10:00a.m. to 11:30a.m.
  • HM meeting Time. Tuesday and Thursday between 09:30a.m. to 11:00a.m.


  1. Looking forward for your kind cooperation please.

With Kind Regards,


Head Mistress (ME)

(Mrs. Samina Ishrat)