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Circular No: BASS- 11/22-23                                                                Date: 27th Aug, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: – BASS Must Rules And Policies.

  1. The school rules and regulations are designed to state clearly the boundaries of acceptable conduct in school and in society. Enforcement of school rules and regulations are done with the intention of teaching the students to uphold certain standards of behavior, mutual respect and performance. BASS has instituted very practical and solid rules and policies with the aim to provide very conducive learning environment to each BASSian and accomplish our education vision. Some of the BASS Must Rules are highlighted below for necessary information and implementation in true letter and spirit:-
  2. Academic Objectives: In the beginning of each academic session, certain objectives/targets are set for students and staff to pursue and achieve them fully. Each student has to achieve these objectives through great discipline, excellent attendance, superb attitude and display of respect. This educational triangle of Teachers, Students and parents will play its role fully to meet the given target.
  3. 6 X Habits of Successful Students: BASS has introduced following “Six Must Habits of Successful Students” for each BASSian:-
  • They ensure 100% attendance.
  • They concentrate on lesson delivered in the classrooms.
  • They take notes properly.
  • They follow Home-Study Timetable.
  • They religiously review, improve and update their notes at home and do revision on daily basis.
  • They read in advance next day’s topic and come prepared to school.

We expect parents will understand the importance of these habits and cooperate with school in its implementation in true earnest.

  1.  BASS Attendance Benchmark: BASS emphasizes a lot on attendance of its students. It has set its own benchmark which is 90% attendance for every student. Regularity and 100% attendance play an important part in achieving the target set. Teachers do their full justice while giving their best knowledge on daily basis and students to take full benefit through attending school regularly. Any student falling short in attendance is liable to be punished by means of imposing heavy fine and other measure of suspension and even expulsion from school.
  2. Parent – Teacher Meetings (PTMs): PTMs are arranged very formally and parents are cordially invited to know the academic feedback /progress of their wards, discuss shortfall if any with teachers and to find remedial measures to meet the objectives. Therefore, PTMs’ attendance is Mandatory for parents.
  3. Tuition Culture: BASS is strongly against prevailing tuition culture and considers it as a serious breach of trust of Home-School Agreement. BASS has got qualified, experienced and committed teaching faculty who are deeply concerned about the “Academic Excellence” of its each student. Those students who are found to have any need of extra support and coaching are facilitated accordingly to come up to the desired standard. Having personal tuitions at home or joining any coaching center is considered just waste of time and tarnishing innate faculties of the child.
  4. Discipline: BASS pays a lot much emphasis on maintenance of discipline and considers it to be the most important tool to ensure conducive learning environment and leading towards the accomplishment of objectives. Discipline and its desired compliance encompasses all shades of behavior and conduct of students like late arrival, not being in proper school uniform, outrageous hairstyle, getting absent, rude behavior to fellows and staff and not following the Islamic values etc. all fall in domain of discipline.
  5. BASS Four Educational Pillars: BASS whole education system exists on its four educational pillars which are Character, Discipline, Competence and Service (CDCS). Each BASSian’s character is built around good moral values like honesty, integrity, respectful, caring, responsible, fair, empathy, self-control, trustworthy, dignity, benevolent, warm and love of community etc. Likewise, the true value of good school discipline is covered in above paragraph. As regards competence, we simply believe in achieving excellence in every sphere of our school working. As a regular feature, we inculcate a lifelong commitment in each BASSian to give something back to society while securing the needy people.
  6.  Submitted for your kind information and necessary compliance please.


 With Kind Regards,


Principal (OL)

(Syed Junaid Ali)




I, _________________________  F/O,M/O ______________________________ student of class ________ acknowledge that I have read rules/regulations and policy matters carefully. I have discussed with my ward(s) and assure their true compliance with.


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