Circular No: BASS- 20/20-21                                                                               Date: 13th Oct, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم)

Subject: Adjustment of 15 % Rebate on CAIE-2020 (April /May, 2020).

  1. It is to inform you that British Council has given the Rebate on CAIE-2020 @ 15 % of Examination Fee paid for CAIE-2020 (April/May,20) amounting to 6350 for students registered for 3 papers and Rs. 8467 for 4 papers.
  2. CAIE-2020 rebate will be adjusted in October, 20 fee bill for Snr- OL III students, whereas for passed out Batch of Snr- OL III student’s rebate will be paid after the adjustment of outstanding fee dues.
  3. Your early clearance of dues will be highly appreciated please.

 With Kind Regards,

  Principal (OL)