Rescheduled, Final Term Result P.T.M (Playgroup-Prep)

Circular No. 55/20-21                                                  Date: 14th June, 2021 Dear Parents/Guardians, (السلام علیکم) Subject: –  Rescheduled, Final Term Result P.T.M (Playgroup-Prep) Circular No. 53/20-21 Dated: 31st May, 2021 refers:- This is to...

1. It is to inform our all worthy parents of classes I to VIII that since the school could not be reopened due to severe pandemic condition in Karachi metropolitan city therefore, BASS Management has decided to provide Final term online assignments to compile the Final Term Results. Students will be required to complete these assignments on the basis of their gained knowledge and academic progressions from the syllabus of Final Term provided under parental supervision and monitoring. Please note that the attempt and timely submission of these assignments is very important as it would decide the status of promotion of these students to next class. Its weightage for academic year (2020-21) will be as under:- a. First Bi-monthly Test = 50% b. Final Term Assignments = 50% 2. Following is the programme of uploading online assignments:- Dates Days Subjects (I-III) Subjects (IV-V) Subjects (VI-VII) Subjects (VIII) 10th June, 2021 Thursday Computer Computer S. Studies P. Studies 11th June, 2021 Friday S. Studies S. Studies Computer Islamiat 12th June, 2021 Saturday Islamiat Islamiat Sindhi Sindhi 14th June, 2021 Monday English Sindhi Islamiat Urdu 15th June, 2021 Tuesday Maths Maths English English 16th June, 2021 Wednesday Urdu Urdu Maths Maths 17th June, 2021 Thursday G. Science G. Science Science Chemistry 18th June, 2021 Friday – English Urdu Bio/Comp. 19th June, 2021 Saturday – – – Physics a. Subject assignments would be uploaded on daily basis at 09:00 am as per mentioned schedule. b. Students to download and complete the assignments on loose sheet properly (neat and clean) on daily basis. c. Each subject assignment has to be completed on separate set of loose sheets. d. Each written leaf of attempted assignment to be properly numbered such as (1), (2), (3)….by students/parents. e. After completing all assignments, parents to please submit completed work physically in school to the respective class teachers on Saturday, 19th June, 2021 (Classes I-VII) and Monday, 21st June, 2021 (Class VIII) from 9:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. f. Annual results will be shared on Wednesday, 30th June, 2021. 3. You are therefore, requested to please ensure your ward(s) download and complete all these online assignments within a given bracket of time and submit it as guided above on fixed dates/days, after which no assignments would be accepted anyways. 4. Failing to meet above mentioned guidelines and timely submission of assignments may hamper the promotion of your ward and lead to his/her detention in same class. 5. Your cooperation and active involvement in online teaching and learning assessments will definitely help us to compile the results in fair way in prevailing pandemic condition. 6. Your cooperation will be much appreciated please.

1. It is to inform our worthy parents that the academic session 2020-21 is at its closure and exams are now going to be conducted on 10th Jun, 2021. The new session is likely to start w.e.f. 2nd Aug, 2021. Although, the pandemic has a great impact on our learning and teaching activities but BASS Management has a clear plan to continue with its final exams and assessment plan for classes I–VIII to ensure the quality of education. Assessment Plan – Option Available: Option 1: If school opens on 7th Jun, 2021, Physical exams will be conducted starting from 10th Jun, 2021. (1) Students will be assessed for 5 subjects (S. St., Science, English, Urdu & Maths). (2) Other subjects will be assessed through previous class activities or new assignments. (3) 25% Weightage will be given to 1st Bi-Monthly and 75% to Annual exams. (4) Syllabus is already shared with all students (Class I-VIII) since 6th May, 2021. (5) All papers shall be planned/collected as per 3 hours plan. Option 2: If school doesn’t open on 7th Jun, 2021, then annual assessment will be conducted from 10th Jun, 2021. a. Students will be assessed for all subjects. Final Term Assignments for all subjects shall be uploaded daily and these assignments shall be solved by the students in home and submitted to school till 19th Jun, 2021 for classes I–VII and for class VIII the last date is 21st Jun, 2021. b. 50% Weightage will be given to 1st Bi-Monthly and 50% to Final Terms Assignments. c. Any student failing to submit assignments till 19th Jun, 2021 and 21st Jun, 2021 will not be promoted to next class. 2. Besides this, it is to refresh here that parents and students should take this time as a revision and preparation in this prevailing school closure and online classes. The final term Program would be shared with the latest announcement of Sindh Government soon after 7th June, 2021. 3. For your kind information and necessary action, please.

1. With the decision of Federal/Sindh government, all the schools will be reopened for Classes IX-X on 7th Jun, 2021. Therefore, parents are requested to please ensure that your ward(s) comply with following 5 Must Things at all cost:- a. Wearing Face mask (Mandatory). b. Maintaining Social distance (in corridors/classrooms) as per signs displayed and guided by staff. c. Bringing own home-made lunch and water bottles. d. Frequent hand wash/use of hand sanitizers. e. Attending school regularly on designated days as per respective groups such as:- (1) First Group:- Monday – Wednesday – Friday (2) Second Group:- Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday 2. Your cooperation in this regard will highly be appreciated.