Summer Vacations Montessori Eden on Friday 11th May 2018




Circular No: 10/18-19                                                                                            Date: 10th May, 2018

Dear Parents, (Assalam-o-Alaikum)


Subject: Summer Vacations (Monday 14th May – Monday 16th July, 2018).                                                                     

  1.  This is to inform our worthy parents that BASS will remain closed from Monday 14th May – Monday 16th July, 2018 on account of summer vacations. The school will Insha’ Allah re-open on Tuesday 17th July, 2018. 
  2. We all know that this is a good time for students to visit different places, play games and read interesting story books. We must not, however, forget that it is also an ideal time to pursue our creative impulses, complete unfinished tasks and work on the need based areas. Vacations homework is not given to ensure that you always remain enslaved by books but to help you to make the most of your precious time to enjoy and have fun and study as well.
  3. Although the homework has been planned specifically to be done by the children, but parental supervision is required in some areas e.g. providing them with books, stationery and monitoring them to focus home study time table regularly.
  4.  Summer Vacation is the best opportunity to develop a very strong bond of love and affection with your children. These     tips will not only make your children acquiescent but also ensure that you will get heard and obeyed by them: -

         a. Encourage your ward to develop the habit of offering Namaz (Salat) five times a day.

 b. Share with them their boundaries and acceptable behaviors with reference to Quran and Hadith.

 c. Encourage your ward to purchase at least 1-2 books in a month and maintains a personal library at home.

 d. Always be conscious about the eating habits of your ward and encourage them to have healthy food at home instead of junk food.

 e. Put yourself into that age bracket before expecting a lot from young fellows.

 f. Don’t just criticize but make them aware of the wrong impact, of any action and behavior may generate on their personality and future.

 g. Give them small incentives on cleaning room, organizing things and managing behavior and habits etc.

  h. Don’t give them a chance to argue on routine matters e.g. watching T.V, using mobile, cartoons etc. and put up yourself a role model before them

 i. Try to take out time and listen to them attentively, it gives them the feeling of being listened and may resolve this problem.

 j. Give a lot of “Praise” for little things.

 k. Encourage your ward to take daily bath and develop the habit of personal hygiene.

 l. Do plan one or two excursions to feel fresh and break routine monotony.

5. It is my humble privilege to also congratulate you on the auspicious occasion of forthcoming   Ramdan-ul-Mubarak (during vacation). May Allah shower His countless blessings upon us and accept our all good deeds; Ameen.


             With kind regards,

                                                                                                                                         Head Mistress (ME)

                                                                                                                                                              (Mrs. Samina Ishrat)